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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Vision Team this Thursday

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that we're meeting this Thursday at 6:30pm as a Vision Team. It's our first one since the Easter kick-off so I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about.We're reading chapter 5 of Velvet Elvis, so please don't forget to do your homework. Discussions are so much better when we're all, literally, on the same page. :)

Also, the potluck theme is "Breakfast for Dinner", so bring your favority breakfast food. Ideas include: fruit, juice, sweet breads (e.g. coffee cake, danishes, cinnamon rolls, etc), breakfast casseroles, etc. If you want to do something that requires preparation on the premises (e.g. waffles, pancakes, eggs, etc.) feel free to come a little early and make them here. Oh, and please, please communicate with Julie via phone, blog or email prior to Thursday and let her know what you're bringing or if you can't bring anything. Planning these things is so much easier on her if she has some idea of what to expect.

I won't be able to be there this Thursday so Julie will be leading the discussion. Try to not have too much fun without me! ;) I'll miss you guys.



Thursday, April 06, 2006

yum yums :)

Hey all…
So the food themes for the next two Vision Team meetings have been decided ahead of time… On April 13 we are having Southern Comfort/Soul Food and on April 27 we are doing breakfast for dinner. Hope that suits everyones tastes. The following are some ideas for Southern food. If you want to bring some food to contribute that’s great, if you can’t that’s fine as well. For now I’m operating under the assumption that people are not bringing food unless they tell me otherwise – that way I can make a balanced meal and/or fill in the gaps… So I'll post this here and email it early for those people who actually shop ahead of time and stuff...

My idea is to have southern food like fried chicken (easily bought), mashed potatoes (the butterier the better), buttermilk biscuits (from a can are just fine), fried okra, and white gravy. Other ideas include cream corn (canned is easy), creamed spinach , collard greens , lima beans , blackeyed peas , sweet potatoes , deviled eggs , or fried green tomatos . Traditional desserts include banana pudding , pecan pie , buttermilk pie , peach cobbler , or pralines . Feel free to google for more ideas or odder recipes (like if anyone want to attempt to make or eat chit’lins ) Or Luke (king of odd prepackaged sweets) Moon Pies are the Southern marshmallowy cookie…

So I’m sure mike has some idea of the content of the meeting, I’m just in charge of food :)

Saturday, April 01, 2006


This is a space for posting worship brainstorms. To continue to get people outside their comfort zone and thinking outside the box we need ideas - new ways people can connect with God.

So far we have done candles/God things, labyrinth, sign language, bowl of fire (notes to God), and christmas songs unplugged and lectio divina. This Sat I'm planning a group music circle.

We need more ideas! If there's something you've experienced before, or something you've always wanted to try...

And I don't have to be the one running all of these...I know I like to talk, but I want to learn from you too!