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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Other Resources

Hopefully this posts where and how I expect. Sorry if not!

After attending the Healthy Reproducing Churches Conference, Char's and my discussion went back to a book we've read over the last year. While it is not a Christian book, it does have a picture of leadership that we think will fit the model we believe the new church is trying to match.

The book is "The Servant : A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership" written by James C. Hunter. It is a very easy read as it is more like a story than a non-fiction book covering the topic.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Cookie Push Stories

So now that a few of us have been out doing Cookie Pushes, I'd love for you to share any good experiences or conversations you had in the process. Who did you talk to? We're they receptive to you? Did they say anything that helps you understand the Yorkville Community and the people we're trying to reach any better? Tell us your stories so we can all share in the experience.

Looking forward to hearing about it,


BTW, feel free to keep commenting on any of the previous conversations too. I'd love to see multiple threads of discussions going on this blog.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dreams for the new church

I really appreciated the discussion we had the other night about our dreams for the new church. You all had great things to contribute. Here are a few comments from you all (as paraphrased by me):

Karen said that she dreams of a church where people's lives are forced to rub up against each other in a good way. Where we share the substance of life together. Where we can each just bring who we are and what we have to offer without trying to target and market to a particular demographic.

said that he and Karen had talked about a church where people communicate and deal with conflicts openly, and where differences of opinion are welcomed and appreciated.

Monaca said she dreams of an intergenerational church, and Luke added that he dreams of a church where young adults in particular feel welcomed, valued and integrated into the life of the church.

said she dreams of a church where we value people for who they are beyond the stereotypes and demographics. (And Wendy clarified that we do still value diversity and differences too.)

Wendy also said that she dreams of a church that is interactive and where people are committed to being engaged and passionate and not just passively receiving.

I wrapped up the discussion saying that I dream of a church that values the voices of those on the margins and those who have traditionally been excluded from being heard in the church, especially women. We also ended up saying that we want to be a church that values messy people.

While we had a good discussion I regret that we ran out of time to get in depth on the Vision that Julie and I have already come up with. I hope you didn't come away from our meeting feeling like all we talked about was what we don't want to be like. We really do have a very detailed positive vision and set of values that describe what we do want to be like. I'd really like for us to think and dialogue more about that here on this blog and at our next few meetings. Specifically check out pages 9,11,15-17, and 21-23 of the Vision Document.

Tell you what, I'll post segments of those statements here on the blog every few days of the next two weeks and I'd like for us to answer a few questions together:

1) What do you think of each statement?
2) What would you add or leave out?
3) What questions for clarification do you have about them?
4) What do you think it will look like to live out each aspect of our vision statements in specific and practical ways?

For our first discussion let's talk about the section on page 11 entitled "Our Vision". We've said:

Our vision is at the heart of who we are and what we are trying to be as a church. These are our dreams for the kind of church we can become. We dream of a church that is...

Mission Driven active community that doesn't just seek to enjoy God's blessings for ourselves, but to also be a blessing to the people, the community and the world around us.

Worship Centered
...a worshiping community that values creativity and diversity in the multitude of ways that we seek to experience the joy of God's presence.

Grace Giving
...a warm, welcoming community that extends the love of Christ to people of all types and at all points on their spiritual journey towards God.

Culturally Engaged open community that interacts with our emerging postmodern culture in humble, relevant and constructive ways, believing that we will often find God outside the walls of the church.

What do you think of these? What questions do they raise in your mind? What do you think it will look like to live them out? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



Friday, January 20, 2006

Church name

Okay - first topic up for discussion - the name. Here's the list of possibilities:

Ekklesia Christian Community
Emmaus Road Community Church
The Journey
River's Edge Community Church
The River Community Church
Via Christus Community Church

What are your thoughts? What do you like or don't like? What do the names mean to you?...


Julie, Mike, and Emma,

Thanks for hosting our meeting and feeding us so thoroughly! I'm really excited about the church plant. See you on Saturday!


Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's alive

Hey guys. Thanks for your willingness to be a part of this adventure. This blog exists for us to have a forum to share ideas and opinions. At this stage in the game we have a lot to discuss and dream about at our meetings and often there will not be enough time to really delve into issues - hence the blog opportunity to do so. In this space we will post topics related to the church plant in Yorkville - some logistical, some visionary, some just for fun. Feel free to add your thoughts about any of them. If you create a blogspot identity then we can add you as a contributor to the blog so you'll be able to add posts of your own.

We really look forward to casting the vision for the new church with you all. It all seems a bit overwhelming right now, but we must always remember that God is planting this church and we can trust in him.

Blessings and Shalom