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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hey guys, the Doable Evangelism blog (connected with and the eBay Atheist guys) recently had a great article about a church planter in Merced, California (in the shadow of Yosemite). Bruce, the church planter, has foregone the usual advertising/marketing techniques of church planting in favor of building relationships one person at a time by getting involved in his community in any way he can. The article is a great example of the kind of approach we're also trying to take here in Yorkville.

It starts:

Near the granite-cliffed splendor of Yosemite National Park lies an ordinary California town called Merced. My family recently drove through this ordinary town, it blurred by as we sped through, it’s taquerias not tempting enough to slow us down for a road break. I kept my eyes open, though, for a Starbucks, not for coffee, but with the ridiculous thought that maybe I would stumble into Pastor Bruce Logue (aka Mercedian) who uses Starbucks as his church-planting headquarters.

I'd encourage you all to read the rest of the article. Just click here.


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