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Thursday, March 09, 2006

March 16 Dinner

So this realy should be the Vision Team food blog since that gets the most interest here :)

Okay after talking with people I am making an executive decision to be adventurous and go with Swedish food this time around. I’m also going to annoy everyone and claim Swedish meatballs already – since I have a couple bags of the IKEA really yummy ones in my freezer (as well as the cream sauce and ligonberry jam). So what else shall we have?
We need some sort of potatoes. Steamed new potatoes with dill would be really easy for someone to make. Or Swedish pancakes are a common food as well.
Other traditional foods include gravalox which could easily be bought premade at a store. Or if we aren’t into raw cured fish – some sort of baked salmon would work. A bread like limpa/rye bread is traditional and may be bought premade. Some sort of rice pudding would be good (also easily bought premade). There are tons of traditional Swedish desserts – cookies, cakes, sweetbreads. I even found a recipe for non-alcoholic glogg if anyone feels up to it (I know they sell it (and tons of Swedish food) at IKEA, but those are so not nearby).

So have fun with it and let’s be adventurous together as we share this meal and come closer as a group. If you want other ideas google Swedish food or check out or . I know you can get premade versions of many of these foods at Jewel or Trader Joes. Perhaps the food section of World market has some stuff as well. Don’t stress out though, if this is too complicated whatever you want to bring will be appreciated as part of our meal time. If you know what you are bringing post it so others can plan. I'm really looking forward to our next meeting. we got deep into a lot of stuff last time which was good for the group. so the values discussion
(don't forget to do your homework!) should be good. Peace and good eats.


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