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Saturday, March 11, 2006

How're we doing?

Hey everyone!

So we've had several Core Gatherings now, and I'd love to get anyone's feedback on what you think we're doing well, and what we can improve on. What worship elements and discussion techniques have you like? What have you not? What do we need to tweak?

For example, we both enjoyed the Christmas worship tonight, but Julie suggested that we probably needed to explain things better, especially for the sake of visitors and newcomers, to help them feel more comfortable. And maybe I need to be more explicit that the participatory elements are purely optional, so that no one feels obliged to do them if they're new.

What else might you guys say about tonight or past Core Gatherings that we've done so far? Let's have some constructive feedback.




  • I've really been touched by the times when the whole group has contributed insight to the discussion - like lectio divina and the shepherd "if you were there" exercise.

    By Blogger Charlotte Wyncoop, at 9:55 PM  

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